Edward Artemiev "Solaris Original Soundtrack" Vinyl 12" Reissue, Remastered Russia 2013
Номер каталога: MIR 100705
Матрица: 110317E1/A /
Дата релиза: 23.08.2013
A1 Part I 2:48
A2 Part II 2:32
A3 Part III 2:22
A4 Part IV 3:13
A5 Part V 2:27
A6 Part VI 7:18
A7 Part VII 3:55
B1 Part VIII 2:56
B2 Part IX 1:26
B3 Part X 0:38
B4 Part XI 2:09
B5 Part XII 1:42
B6 Part XIII 4:44
B7 Part XIV 0:44
B8 Part XV 4:36
B9 Part XVI 6:19
B10 Part XVII 1:21

In a gatefold sleeve, featuring previously unreleased photos from the Tarkovsky archives.
This remastered edition was fully licensed by the composer, Edward Artemiev.
Mastered in San Francisco, CA in May 2013